The concept/colourway for this pair of sneaker is derived from burning charcoal. The different colours shows the different stages.

black= the charcoal
dark red and brown= the initial burning
the patterns= the ember
white= the ashes

The front pattern is inspired by the 1910s art movement, Rayonism. This art movement was created by Mikhail Larionov and Natalia Goncharova.

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Pixelation, inspired by the cyberworld.

I was browsing through some pictures and when I try to zoom in to look at the details. The image became pixelated, actually my initial view was that pixelated pictures looks awful, can’t see much details and are just squares. But then again, it may look nice if there are different shades of bright colours, so I experiment with it. I love the final the result, so vibrant. My favourite pair so far. 🙂

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Actually, I started out with no concept in mind for this pair of puma. Just wanted to experiment with this pair.

Surprisely, after completion, I felt that it somehow resembles Raphael from TMNT, due the red puma logo and the green/black pattern somehow looks like the turtle shell. lol.

note: pardon the low quality images, they are taken with a camera phone

The swoosh has been painted to give a ‘brushed metal’ look(not sure whether did the picture do justice to it. :P)
The front and lace area is painted with subtle pattern.

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